Friday, July 23, 2010

11.4 Taipei City Mall 台北车站地下街, Wufenpu 五分铺, Raohe Street Night Market饶河夜市

Today is a shopping day for me~!

I wonder around the Taipei City Mall 台北车站地下街. It is the most famous underground shopping markets in Taipei and it is located at Taipei Main Station.

We stumble upon this mutton soup shop on one of the street around Taipei Main Station. The mutton soup has over 10 years and was very delicious.

It is an very big and long underground market

While I was busying shopping, TS hang around at the Mr. Brown coffee shop to surf online.

Around 4pm, we reach the Wufenpu 五分铺- one of the largest fashion markets in Taipei. Remember to visit Wufenpu at the late evening because the next day I reach Wufenpu at 1pm but non of the shop open yet.

Wufenpu is reachable via MRT - Houshanpi station (后山碑捷运站) OR by train Songshan station (松山火车站). We took the MRT and we need to walk 5 minutes to reach the Wufenpu.

Omg~~ shopping paradise for ladies!~
Lots of latest fashion and the price is so much cheaper compare to Malaysia.
There is so much to see until I am pening on don't know which to buy. There are rows and rows of streets all on clothes, shoes, handbags, children clothes .....
The SA is not as friendly as those in the night market as they are targeting more on wholesale customers.
I come back the next day to do my final shopping on my last night at Taiwan.

We asked around and walk to Raohe Street Night Market(饒河街觀光夜市). It's around 10-15 minutes walk from Wufenpu.

The famous pork rib soup. TS enjoy it so much. I think it taste much alike as our Bak Kut Teh.

Chinese facial using strings and powder on the night market ~

There is a temple beside the Raohe Street Night Market. It is beautifully decorated with lanterns.

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Yan Ling said...

Hi, may I know if you went to the temple next to Raohe Market at night? I'm planning to visit the temple (Ciyou Temple), however, I am unable to find information about its opening hours. Thank you.


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