Wednesday, July 21, 2010

11.0 Jiufen Old Street 九分老街

After our Mc Donald's breakfast, we took a 1 hour train from Jiaoxi Station (礁溪車站) to RuiFang Station(瑞芳車站).

RuiFang Station is a small railway station without proper facilities... Poor TS have to carry the luggage up the slop.

We deposit our luggage at the railway station.

We took a 30 minutes bus (fare around NT$50) and head over to Jiufen old street ( 九分老街). Jiufen is a small town in north Taiwan. It was once a famous gold mining town but now a tourist attraction.

Entrance of the Jiufen Old Street

Yummy snacks

What I like on this town is I love the building and structure of the the area.

An cultural museum full of ancient goodies and childhood goodies

Old cinema

There is so much interesting stuff to see and walk at Jiufen~!

Some other snacks at Jiufen

18XX sweets

And some lovely things that are so cute and unique.

Jiufen is a wonderful place to visit if you love the architectural of old buildings and old street markets


uLi.佑莉 said...

Fren jus mentioned about this place. He said nice wor ^^

Ciyou said...

Jiu Fen is a really nice place, I could say a must go place in Taipei


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