Thursday, July 22, 2010

11.2 National Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院

Finally we are back to Taipei City.

The next morning, we took the MRT to Shilin Station and took a bus to the National Palace Museum(國立故宮博物院). It is the world’s largest and finest collection of Chinese art; and was part of China museum. During the world war, China have move lots of the most valuable pieces out of the city to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Japanese Army.

Entrance Fee was NT$80 for the Youth Travel Program. We took almost the whole day to walk the whole 3 story building. There were many things on displayed such as jades, paintings, calligraphy, weapons, handicrafts, literature and many more. The most famous one and must see items are the "Jadeite Cabbage", the "Meat-shaped Stone", "Return Clearing" painting (more than 30 meters in length long painting) and many more....

There are no much selection of lunch at the national museum. We have no choice and this was the most expensive meal we have in Taiwan.

There is a traditional Chinese garden beside the museum called Zhishan Garden (至善園). It is just a place to relax after viewing the treasures at the museum.

It consist a beautiful landscape of mountains, lakes, garden and building.

Too bad, we are not allow to take any pictures in the museum. Therefore no pictures to show off. But we manage to snap of pictures at the MRT station where there are promoting the museum.

The above is a part of the paintings and the below are some jades.

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