Thursday, July 08, 2010


3rd July 2010 is a memorable day of my life.

It is the day will begin a new chapter of our life, as we are now husband and wife.

Some beautiful pictures capture by my friend hubby - All about love photography. Special thanks for both our parents and family members that attend the ceremony. Thank you for my house mate whom help me to stick the fake eye lashes (still fail to stick them myself) and her sister which help on my hair setting on that day.

Our ROM ceremony was held at Thean Hou Temple. Not regretting on buying the pink Cheongsam (旗袍) for the day. It looks lovely and matching with the temple scenes.

There are more picture that I need to filter before I put them up.

Now I'm waiting for my shooting on my pre-wedding pictures this coming October.

If you do not know what is ROM?
ROM = Registration of Marriage


Janice said...

Ciyou, Congratulation! :D So happy for you!

Jun Yue said...

Congratulatons!!!! ^ . ^ look stunning!!!

s.H.u.Y.|.n.G said...


淡淡vivi(tampin girl) said...



刘廷丰 said...


shinz @ cosycabin said...

Congrats on stepping to another stage of life!

Ciyou said...

Thank everyone for the lovely wishes

Creative B Bee said...

Hey! Congratulation to you!

uLi.佑莉 said...


Lyn said...

congratulations! :)

Jys said...

hey, congrats ya! when's the big big day?


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