Wednesday, June 02, 2010

7.3 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 九族文化村

Finally we reach the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村). Read here on how to reach the culture village from Sun Moon Lake.

Yes, indeed there is tons of small kids on the park on weekdays. I was wondering are they on a school holidays? But later I just found out they are on a school trip to the park. How I wish I have this activities when I was young.

There is another cable car inside the culture village called culture village cable car.(九族缆车) I recommend that to walk down the hill and later take the culture village cable car up to the entrance.

After the entrance, we can see lots of buildings and statue on the park. The culture village shows 9 different native race culture, buildings and lifestyle.

Lavender plants all around the culture village.

Some performance on the park.

Beautiful Amis lady from the performance.

Lucky lamp work beads accessories. The movie Cape No 7 make this accessories become famous.

We have lunch at the Aboriginal Culture Village. The Aboriginal dish doesn't taste as good as I thought, but the chicken chop was tasty.

There is a small pond with fishes beside the native's village.

Next we reach the theme park. There are several games and adventures games. I only play this water game – 加勒比海探险. It is a wet game and we need to buy raincoats and put all our things in the locker. Why wearing rain coats, see the below pictures and you will know why.

The water splash wasn't just once, but several times. We need to put all our things in a locker and buy the rain coat.

Indoor theme park

TS told me this UFO can see the whole culture village beautiful view.

The most adventurous/scary game on the theme park – 马雅探险. You can see all the spinning and twisting on the roller coaster.

While waiting for TS in his game, I manage to snap a picture of this lovely Taiwan native child.

After the theme park, we saw a huge garden with full of flowers called-水沙连欧洲宫廷花园. We took the whole picture from far view as we are short of time plus very tired. If you have time, you can sit the park train to visit round the park. I think its such a lovely place to take pictures.

Why are we so rush? Because our boat trip back to our homestay is 5pm.

Beside the huge garden there is the Culture village cable car which will take us up on the entrance to the Sun moon lake cable car. In the Culture village cable car, we are able to see the whole view of the cultural village.

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