Thursday, June 03, 2010

7.4 Sun Moon Lake Tour 日月潭遊艇遊湖 Part 2

After getting down from the Sun Moon Lake Cable car, we walk back to Yidashao Wrarf(伊达邵码头). We waited for our boat to Syuanguang Wrarf (玄奘寺码头)

Since it is the last boat back to Shueishe Wharf(水社码头), we have insufficient time to visit the attractions around Syuanguang Wrarf (玄奘寺码头). We only have time to buy a Herbal egg(茶叶蛋).

Sunset along the way back to Shueishe Wharf(水社码头)

Most expensive Hotel at Sun Moon Lake. Room price USD $1000 per night. Heard that weekends are always full-house.

This dog knows how to help his owner to pull the strings to the Wharf.

Dinner of the day ~ doesn't taste good.

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