Thursday, June 17, 2010

9.0 Hehuanshan合欢山

Hehuanshan(合欢山) is a 3,416 metres high mountain in Central Taiwan. The hill is within the Taroko Gorge National Park.

The public transportation from Cingjing(清境) to Hualian花莲 isn’t that convenient. I have pre-book a driver back in Malaysia.

I paid NT$4500 for 2 days drive which the driver take us from
1 day: from Cingjing(清境) to Hehuanshan(合欢山) to Taroko Gorge National Park(太鲁阁) to Hualian (花莲)
1 day: Hualian day trip

I think its worth what we are paying for. Here is thethe contact of the driver - Mr Wei, MSN:

We depart from Cingjing at 8am, but the weather of the day wasn’t that good. The whole journey was with thick fog along the way up the hill. The viewable distance was just 1-2 meters and it is so dangerous to drive on such hills.

We reach the most top that the car can reach at Hehuanshan. I was shivering cold when I walk out of the car. We manage to see snow but most of them started melt because of the rain last night. The melted snow become a small fountains at the side of the rocks beside the road.

The way down the hill, we manage to see some hill/forests view .

Next we reach the intersection of the between Hualian(花蓮),Puli(埔里) and Taizhong(台中).

There are selling some vegetables and fruits beside the road. Notice their fruits are bigger then we say in the market.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah! Can see its really really cold there.... >.<

chenlin said...

Nice trip u hav^^ Haven c the real snow with my own eyes til now..sob sob..

Ciyou said...

uLi: Yeah~ when we visit that time very cold.

Chenlin: thanks. Just book a ticket and go n see snow with your own eyes ~~~

Zhen said...

Hi Ciyou, I am also thinking of visiting CingJing and Hua Lien. Can you kindly give me the contact of the driver that you used for your trip? Thanks!

Ciyou said...

Zhen: You can add him in msn and chat for the details

Fu said...

may i know when you went to Hehuanshan ? snowing there ?

Visitor said...

Hello, may i know how far is Sun Moon lake (SML) from Cangjing farm? Also need to know how long did it take you to arrive at SML from Cangjing farm? Need to know how long is Hehuan mountain and little swiss garden from Cangjing? Because i have to make sure that my own itinerary is well prepared.

Thanks so much. I will visit Taiwan in Nov.

Irvin said...

Hi, may I know if the driver can communicate in English via MSN when if I add him to find out more?


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