Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our New Home

Got the keys of our new home on April 2010 after we came back from Taiwan. Hooray!~
I was super excited and started to read thru forums and website for my new home design and layout.

The renovation fees are just a bomb to us.

A double story landed house, full renovation + design will cost RM80K-RM120K. How could I afford that? We do not have much left after the down payment of the house.
So we decide to keep the renovation to be the most basic ones, such as kitchen cabinets, masteroom cabinets, windows grills, lights and lamps, fan, air con ...

Will be adding more and more from time to time.

I'm still thinking what style and concept for my new house.

There is so much hidden cost in buying a house. Even the transfer name of TNB (electrical) cost us RM800.

Although we are spending and spending much of our hard earn money, but it's worth to have a home of our own, a place to rest.

Something more exciting that I will have a work room aka craft room~!


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! Congratulations!!!! Ya, its headache to think of the design of the new sweet home. I am still waiting for my key :( Rmb to share your reno progress with us ya :)

Agnes Sim said...

It's great!! U will feel comfortable n warm stay in your own house. :p U got a big house so u can have a big craft room. So nice le...:p Cant waiting to see ur house after renovation. :p

Catherine said...

congrats! :D

Ciyou said...

Thanks~~ I will share my reno progress here from time to time

Achi said...

How much is the house?


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