Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9.5 Hualien East Coast Trip 花东海岸之游 Part 2

After a series of seaside visit, we then reach the AnTong Hotspring Hotel (安通温泉). The hot spring does smells hydrogen sulfide a little bit. It’s very good for external injury and skin disease.The temperature of hot spring is about 66 C (150F) You can either select a public or private hot spring area. It is so refreshing after a hot bath of hotspring at there...

Ruishui farm (瑞穗牧场).
Ruishui farm is famed for its fresh and delicious milk extracted daily from the cows. The cheese made from the Ruishui milk certainly is irresistible.

光復糖廠 Guangfu Sugar Refinery
There is always room for ice cream and the Hualien Sugar Factory. It was once the industrial focus of the Rift Valley and now currently a tourist center that is worth a visit. There is a small lake and lots of local food to grab.

Our dinner was famous pork leg (满妹猪脚). It is located at a rural area yet there is so many people. For those who loves pork leg ~ you must try this~!

Its getting dark and we have a small walk at Nanbin Seashore Park (南滨公园夜市). A very small night market beside the beaches. Later we pass by this Soya bean shop and have some tofufa before we head back to the homestay.

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