Monday, June 21, 2010

9.3 Hualien Homestay 花蓮民宿

The journey from Taroko Terrence Visitor Cente to Hualien (花蓮) is 30 minutes car ride. At Hualien, we stay at the driver's home called 湘荷居.

The driver contact person is Mr Wei (Tel: 0975-337234). Msn:

It is located at somewhere near the railway station. NT$800 per night which is consider very cheap for weekends. They even serve us simple breakfast. The owner was good enough to gave us a 6 bed room for our 2 days stay at Hualien.

Later the driver brought some onion cakes (葱油饼) for us. They claim to be the famous food in town. To me it tasted like roti telur. Oh my ~~ it was very tasteless and I missed the curry that we dip for the roti telur.

Dinner time:
The driver took us to this famous baozi and dumpling shop - 公正包子,水饺. Taste great. I even see a couple eating 2 dozen of baozi and dumpling. We just ate some as we are leaving our stomach for other foods. We enjoy the chicken nuggets (香酥鸡) along the street too.
Hualien is a smaller town compare to Taipei city.

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