Friday, June 18, 2010

9.2 Taroko Gorge National Park(太鲁阁国家公园) Part 2

Next we reach Jiucyudong tunnel (Tunnel of 9 Turns) 九曲洞. It's a walking path for visitor to enjoy the beautiful scene of the hills, cliffs, narrow valley and rivers.

Almost three quarter of the walking path is close due to path is not too safe as anytime the rocks might fall down. For safety precautions, we have to wear a helmet in the 15 minutes walk at the Tunnel of 9 Turns.

At Yanzihkou (Swallow Grotto) 燕子口, we can see small holes around the rock cliffs where those are the home of the swallow. The driver stop us a the main entrance and there is a walking path for visitors to walk along.

We can have a closer view of the rocks, cliff and the rivers here.

Another destination: Changchun (Eternal Spring Shrine )長春祠. Another beautiful landscape that we can only take picture from far.

We reach Taroko Terrence Visitor Center around 3.30pm which is the last stop of our Taroko Trip. Taroko Terrence Visitor Center consist of exhibition areas, such as Our Environment Hall, Humans in the Environment, Environmental Education Hall and Special Exhibition Room, and providing educational and travel related information.
There is a performance of the native people on the park even it was raining.

We can see the map on one of the exhibition hall that we drove a long way to reach our next station: HuaLian (花蓮)

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Catherine said...

the rock formations were said to resembled certain stuff..there was a fish if not mistaken and one famous one of a red indian's head..not sure if you saw those :)


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