Thursday, June 17, 2010

8.1 Cingjing Farm 清境农场

After having our delicious lunch,our homestay boss drive us down to the Cingjing Farm(清境农场) . Entrance free is $60 with the youth card. (np$80)

We start walking on the green green grass farm. Enjoying these lovely sheep.

Those sheep are so busy eating grass non stop.

Unique species of black sheep, only 2 in the farm.

Pony around the farm.

Those sheep are very hungry. We brought their food and feed them. After eating the food from our hand, the next immediate action was bending down and start eating grass.

It is fun and funny feeding them.

The cutest animal on the farm are these lamb.

After the lamb and sheep park, there is a section on goat park, butterfly park, and other animals park. We wasn't in a great interest and we just walk pass by.

We pass by the Cingjing Vistor Center and when in for food trying and souvenirs.

Next we reach a stairs of pathway (步步高升步道). We look down from the stairs and was wondering to walk down 500 steps or to choose to walk the hill road beside the stairs.

Our last choice was climbing down the stairs and we are glad we made the correct selection. Look on the right hand side of the picture. Such a long and windy road to walk down.

We then reach a small garden beside the 7-11 called 小瑞士花园. We didn't enter the park as the homestay boss told us that is wasn't that exciting inside.

There is a huge 7-11 beside the 小瑞士花园, selling 7-11 own mascot and goodies.

Another 7-11 opposite the road. So many 7-11 in Taiwan. When we was in Kaohsiung, there is 3 shops of 7-11 in the same road. Gosh~!

There are some beautiful shops around 7-11。


uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow...I thought this only happen in New Zealand...Taiwan also got ya. So nice leh ^^

Ciyou said...

Taiwan nearer and less expensive to New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

the last 2 photos taken at where? very nice, sweet homely feeling


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