Monday, March 29, 2010

3.0 Taiwan High Speed Rail heading to Kenting 高铁前往垦丁

Day 2 of our Taiwan Trip, we headed to Kenting(垦丁). It is located at the extreme southern tip of Taiwan and it is famous for beaches and forest.
TheTaiwan High Speed Rail is a high speed railway train that runs up to 300 km/h. As fast as a plane. It can reach Kaohsiung Zuoying station in 90 minutes, compare to normal railway train that needs 4.5 hours reach.

I pre-book my HSR tickets online 2-3 days before I leave Malaysia. HSR tickets are as expensive as an aireoplane tickets. It cost me NT$1490 1 way trip to Kaohsiung Zuoying station. I booked the 6.36am (90 minutes) tickets which have 35% off which is $965. I paid my tickets online via credit card and they give me extra 5% discount which makes my ticket price is only $915.

Due to the earthquake at 4th March, the HSR has stop operation for that day and resume operation at 5th March. Our train at 6.36am has cancel and it has change to 6.30am train which stops at every station. I will take us 2 hours to reach Kaohsiung.

The HSR is quite a comfortable train to ride on. The space between each sit is wide enough that we can put our luaggage in front.

Reach Kaohsiung Zuoying Station after 2 hours later. The ticket counter was so pack!
We headed to the bus station to get our bus tickets to Kenting. Due to our large luaggage, we took the lift down and we are approch with a taxi guy offering trip and transport to Kenting.

According to the driver, the bus to Kenting cost us $385 per person and it will take 3 hours to reach. IF we take taxi, it is only $400 per person and they will sent us straight to our homestay.

We agree as it is just several bucks extra. We waited for half hour and they drive us to Kenting. The car consist around 7 person.

Beautiful trees along the way to Kenting ~
Finally we saw the sea, we are excited and happy, but it was just the beginning ~ we still need to sit at the car for 1 hour before reaching our homestay. It such a long journey to travel to Kenting.


Agnes Sim said...

kenting is worth to visit? cos still consider to visit it or not in my trip.

Ciyou said...

i think worth because we love the sea view

Yen said...

Hi, i'll be going to Taiwan for 12D11N and if we are following ur itinerary except that we will be skipping
7.3 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 九族文化村
11.0 Jiufen Old Street 九分老街
11.1 Yehliu GeoPark 野柳地质公园
and Taipei will be our last stop
where else do u tink we should skip, as i do not think i have enough time for all as i'll be visiting Green Island as well.


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