Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Do we have charkra in the real world??

Charkra. Is this really in the world? Or is it just a teams in "Naruto" animation?

Today I saw something special in the internet.

A cosmetic using chakra to advertist their products. They specially talk more detail in charkra and natural healing.

"Within our body we have seven energy centres or chakras that vibrate at different frequencies. Each chakra is directly associated with and affected by a specific colour, because colour itself is produced by light vibrating at a specific frequency. "Our chakras are responsible for much of our physical, mental and spiritual health. When these energy centres become weak or unbalanced, colour is one of the most effective vibrational remedies to realign our system."

Colour Guidelines:
• Brown: Helps to keep you grounded and logical.
• White: Clears negativity and connects us to our higher self.
• Turquoise: Strengthens the immune system.
• Red: Encourages you to shine and makes you fearless and ready to take on the world.
• Pink: Has the same vibration as pure love.
• Orange: Helps you to trust your instincts and maintain a healthy balance in your relationships.
• Green: Encourages you to generate love energy and attract love.
• Black: Promotes change and moves us forward.
• Blue: Helps you to trust yourself and gives you the confidence to live and speak the truth.
• Yellow: Builds confidence enabling you to reach your full potential in anything you do.

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Here is the colors that represent the charkra and its location.

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