Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swollen Cheek

I had the worst weekend ever.
It started with a toothache and later my gum started pain.
The next day my cheek start to get swollen.
I can't chew or eat. All I can is just swallow porridge, drinking fluid such as milo, or herbal drink.
My friend told me it might be cause due to heaty.
But I think its because of my teeth.
It was an old hole that was repaired 2 years back, I think it start to fell over.
There was no dentist at Sunday. Why dentist does not open at Sunday?
It was worst at night. I can't sleep and have to eat pain killer to ease the pain.
Hate it.
Finally I went to the dentist at monday morning. The dentist claim that the bacterias have enter my gum and cause the swelling. He remove the old repair teeth and told me to take some antibotic.
The antibotic really help and reduce the pain.
I try not to take too much pain killer as I know it's bad for my body.
This morning was better. The swelling reduce abit and I can start chewing...

Will need to go back to the dentist to either pull of my teeth or do a Root Canal Treatment . Sometimes I just think of just pulling the tooth will makes lesser problems, but my teeth will disappear forever... what shall I do??


Jys said...

Root canal is a better option.

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Get well soon! Take care!

Agnes Sim said...

hey..take care oh!! ;-)

Creative B Bee said...

I did the root canal few months ago....need few times to complete the treatment. And $$ flied too...


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