Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm back from Bangkok

Finally I'm back from Bangkok. Flight delay due to the bad weather. The whole journey of the plane was abit scary when the plane shake a few times due to the wind (I guess). I was very tired and sleep thru the whole journey back. Reach home at 3++ am.

I was wanted to take another day leave, but I receive a sms from my boss asking me to come to work tomorow. I thought it was something urgent and I drag myself out of my bed at around 7am at the same day I arrive. I was very tired and reach home around 2pm. Have lunch and just went to bed.

Maybe of the tiredness and it always rain, I got a flu again at saturday morning. Dam~~ I got 3 times of flu for the past 2 months. Just don't understand why. Maybe I need to change my lifestyle, sleep early, don't stress too much, go for some yoga or exercise and eat my vitamins daily.

I think I will pull out my participation of 2 coming craft events on May. I don't want to stress myself in producing crafts as I think crafting is a time to relax and to enjoy. Not to stress out myself, thinking will someone buy my things or not. Once I start to rush, I tend to work until late nights and there my flu come again~~

I think health is really important for me at this moments.

Sorry for the gambling~` Will upload some nice picture to show you all from my Bangkok trip~~


♥ Karen ♥ said...

Hi Ciyou!
Welcome back!
Sorry to hear you have flu again.
I agree with you health is much more important.
Rushing for craft event is a big no no, I like to produce mine when the time is right and the ideas are there. As handmade for me is to relax my mind and bring me back to the nature so must enjoy it without stress!

At the moment, I really excited about possessing a Blythe. Haha maybe I already possessed by Blythe. Love her so much. Yea I sew dresses for her. It just a simple need tutorial but the problem is the measurement. Sometimes too big, sometimes too small XD

Thanks for the flickr link ^^
Have a nice day!
And get well soon!

Ying Pang, said...

take care of yourself, Ciyou! Glad that you back from Bangkok, but so sorry to hear that you sick again:-(( Relax and just remember that hobby is our therapy and it will more us more relax, not stress:-))bless!
hugs, ying

Agnes Sim said...

ya..healthy is the most important things! I easy to get sick also. MC yesterday..n now my sick was not yet recover. :S

Bangkok Hotels said...

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