Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wat Pho

After the visit to the Grand Palace, we stop by and visit Wat Pho. It is famous for its Reclining Buddha. It is something like sleeping buddha at Penang. But I think this is bigger. The temple itself have it's own structure style and it is different from the sleeping buddha temple in Penang.

See how big was the foot itself~!! The foot is full of shell-like craving of buddha's. Beautiful

Beside the Reclining Buddha, there is 101 bowl and you can change for coin and put those coins insdie each bowl.

There are several funny giant stone statue in the temple. The statue looks like abit france statue, don't you think so??

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♥ GRACE ♥ said...

Ciyou, u r so lucky u get to go Bangkok. My trip next week don't know jadi or not since now politically unstable there :-(.

Anyway, I wanted to let u know that I gave u an award here.... i hope the html works haha...
I know u already got it... but i'll give it to u again anyway! :-).


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