Monday, April 13, 2009

Wood Handicraft visit

After the elephant ride, we then visit the handicraft. I didn't know Thailand was so famous in wood carving.

Here are where all the "sifu" work place. There is more then 50 workers craving at here. Her are some "sifu" on carving the artwork. Amazing.

This is very very amazing, see how detail they can carve(click to view detail pic).

After visiting there working area. Here is where they sell their products. HAve a closer look on this table. Price written there 2950. Thinking not that expensive(We thought it was in Thai Baht).But when we have a closer look: it was in USD. That's expensive to me.

Not for sale product~~ Beautiful
Carving with colors ~

This tiang is really amazing. you can find almost every animal in the forrest here.
I didn't brought anything from here. Price are too pricely. At the end of the journey, we when to the gemstone shop. Well as we know, it's part of the tour (where the tour guide will earning $$ by taking us there). The journey to the gemstone factory was a nightmare. Taking 1 and a half hour drive plus the air con is not functioning well. Can say no air con. Most of us slept at the car but we are soaking wet with our sweat. You can imagine hot stufy the car was. At the gemstone factory, there is the first part where you can see how they create the jewellerys. Something I don't like there is the sales person then to target those ladies. One of the sales girl keep on chasing me to go into their selling area while I was quite interested on how they make the jewellerys. When I reach the selling area. They keep on following you where you go, keep on promoting the gems. I feel uneasy about it. I never going to buy at this kind of shop. Firstly, price are relative high compare you buy from outside. Second, the sales girl is iritating. I even meet a friend there. He told me went to the sale gemstone factory twice because the 2 tour package they sign up is including this trip.
That the bad part on traveling with a travel agent.


Agnes Sim said...

yaya...i dun like to travel with travel agent. We always explore by our own.

Agnes Sim said...

get ur award from my blog:

mangosteenskin said...

waaaa...i also impressed with their carving skills!!! How talented!!

marlene said...

hello! something for you in my blog!

Ciyou said...

mangosteenskin: like us like carving, will be very impress on their skills


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