Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mobile phone case and card swap

Was addicted in sewing this colorful mobile phone pouch at the weekends. See how many of them I created just at a beautiful sunday. I love to match the inner fabric with the exterior fabric, buttons and the ribbon to suit each pouch. For more closer look on each pouch, visit the shop and get them before it runs out.
NNC card swap that I made. Got inspiration from my previous birdly lace necklace that I make. After I completed I was wondering to post it or not? To remake or not? Thinking will it be too colorful? Will it be too messy?? What do you think?


Ying Pang, said...


你的卡很美,很想问你,你的哪些vintage 的lace去那里买的?跟你swap可以吗?我印magnolia或high hopes 的stamps给你.如何?
hugs, ying

Stephanie meiyu said...

I think it's really pretty, not easy to let go huh? When i make cards, i don't feel like giving out too :)

urban craft said...

cute cozies! Great fabric too!


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