Saturday, April 17, 2010

3.5 National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 國立海洋生物博物館

After our lunch, we headed to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium ( 國立海洋生物博物館). We plan to take the public bus but as the Aquarium last entry is 5pm. That time was around 3.15pm. We decided to take a cab to there, fee is NT$400 per car.

We leave our luaggage with the homestay and we pre-book the car driver to pick us up at the Aquarium at 6.30pm, which means we no need to carry our huge luaggage and walk around the Aquarium.

Entrance Fee to the whole park is NT$450. We brought it for NT$400 from our homestay.
A place inside the park, huge whales and fountains and water - it's water pool for children to play.

Huge squild made with metals ~

There are several section on the park, such as corals, sea life, fossil ....
I enjoy more on the natural coral section.

And these lovely cute penguin ~ and off course it is cool inside here. I have a video on these cute penguin, will update them later.

There is a place where we can see the sinking ships, surrounding with the sea life.

Pretty white whale

I love those jelly fishes...

There are only 2 of these sea lion on the park. He is so cute ~ he will peak on you and see if u are looking at him and if u are, he will start to swim and perform trick for you. Haha~!

Sea creatures that we can touch.

It's still fun visiting the Aquarium Park, it's more meaningful if you are taking your kids around.

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