Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4.1 Kaohsiung高雄 - Cijin District 旗津

Next morning, we headed to Cijin District 旗津. Cijin is located on a thin island in Kaohsiung harbor. It's our 5th day at Taiwan. At the MRT station, we brought the unlimited 1 day pass which is NT$200 and NT$70 is refundable. We took the MRT and stop at the last station of the yellow line -Sizihwan (西子湾站). It is 7 minutes walk from the MRT station to the Ferry station. I would highly recommend to rent a bicycle or bike when you come down from the MRT station. Else you will be like us, walking non-stop.

It is short ferry ride, shorter compare to Penang and Seberang Prai ferry ride. Remember to prepare $15 coin for the ride.
The first building we see when we step our foot on this small island is the Cijin TianHouGong (旗津天后宮). It is a very old temple yet beautifully decorated with red latterns.
We started to walk along the beaches. Chinese temples is at everywhere.

Do remember to rent a bicycle. We didn't and we walk non stop until we gave up. We only pass by the Beach park (海岸公園) and the sea shell park (贝壳馆) and walk back to the ferry station.
On our way back, we manage to see an interesting event: God celebration (神游街). Some interesting faces, looks and culture could be see on here.

The whole street is fired up with red firecrackers and they just carry their god over the street without fear.

After a long walk, we manage to get ourselves back to Cijin Old street. We started to hunt for food. Cijin old street seafood are cheap, cheaper then we ate at Kenting.
We ordered: Steamfish, abalone slice, fried crab and small squid. Each dish is only NT$100 and rice is free flow and FREE. The seafood are fresh and delicious.

We finish our meal and took the ferry back to Kaohsiung main land. Next we headed to British old Embassy 英国领事馆.

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