Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trying new design + PIPIT Wonderful Market 4

After all the long holiday and rest, I manage to get myself on the sewing machine and try some new design.

First was this dawstring pouch. Initially I wasn't doing this but it looks good after the mix and match of the bright pink polka dots with lace combain with this pink kawaii fabrics. I have sew even 2 small dots to cover the knot of the string that adds more cuteness on the drawstring pouch. I can just sit there and admire on the pouch. I feel sucessful and great to see the outcome. That the wonder and joy on crafting. I sew 2 more in a similar design just with different fabrics. You can see all of them on my shop.

Tried this tissue pouch and it turn out to be cute. Will be sewing more different fabric for the upcoming PIPIT event.

I will be joining this craft event at 15 May 2010 (Saturday) at Annexe Gallery. I will be joining booth with Chiwawa Family. Just drop a comment and let me know any new items you would like to see on that day. It's time to push myself to be more hard working in sewing before my cabinet brust out on too much fabrics... Haha ~!

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Anonymous said...

I send you a warm hug from Germany. It´s funny, how equal all the craft projects have become. Your cuties can all also made here in deepest Germany. If you like have a look at our famous craft side.
I´m sure you can put it on automatical translation. I already failed to do that with ebay Korea. Have a look at
There you found the questions round the bags. Interesting is also the galerie, where everybody put her/his projects.
I always wanted to visit Asia, now I will start doing it virtuelly with your blog.




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