Wednesday, August 05, 2009

July 09 Doll Gathering #2~ just friends

We known each other because we have the same interest.
We know each other because we love this toy dolls.
3 beautiful girls with their dolls~ 2 of them are from Singapore.

The youngest member of our group ~ Abby daughter Sabrina with her doll
She is so lucky at this young age can owe a beautiful doll ~

Chit chatting session after the meals. The guy on the middle (I think is the restoran manager) was interested on our dolls and sat down and chat with us too.

Initially that checkers hat that I brought is for my doll. But this hat does not match her but match me well. That's why I am wearing that hat. Charlene has brought a lolita new dress froe her doll and they say it looks just like me. Does we look alike??

A picture with Jooli ~ famous doll dress maker

Late we arrange all the doll for a group blythe photo seasson. Allen is busying combing the doll hairs~ He look proffesional

All of us busying taking photos of these lovely dolls. See more on this lovely dolls picture at this post.

Here is our group picture with the dolls. Beautiful ler~~
(Click to enlarge picture)


Agnes Sim said...

wow..such a nice gathering. All are in same hobby. I wish to be the photographer for those dolls also. :p

aileen :: motu said...

i like your matching outfit with blythe!


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