Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whimsical Jar Swap

Here is the Whimsical Jar Swap hosted by Kelly. This is my first Whimsical Jar Swap. I always wanted to join this kind of swap but the postage to overseas are too expensive.

Here is the jar for my partner Pussy Cat. I notice that she did more on beading and I have send here some beads and charms from my collection.

I decorated the cover of the jar with Penny Black clear stamps, pattern paper and flower ribbons. I have added some glitter on the stars...

The front of the jar I decorated with a Cat holding a gift stamp from Penny Black. I stamped the word "It's your day.... spoil yourself silly!" which I think it is just perfect for my partner to spoil herself on so much craft materials that I sent.

Here are some sneak preview on the jar. I squeeze alot craft materials from fabric, lace, trims, ribbons, charms, erraser, clips, decorative items, kawaii items, deco tape and much more.... Here is the of the content that I sent to my partner when she pour out the whole jar.

Here is the jar that I received from Joan. She decorated the jar using fabric and beautiful laces.

A capital C embroidery on top of the jar. I think because my name starts with C.
Let me see what are on the jar >.<
Beads, buttons, lace, fabric, shells, wires, handmade goodies....
Love them...

It's been such a long time I never swap. I'm glad that I join this one and can't wait to use these lovely goodies.


Agnes Sim said...

wow...u got beautiful lace and fabric wo.. ;-)

Pussycat 小野猫 said...

i like the jar u give me so much.. thanks...


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