Friday, August 14, 2009

Travel with Aeroline Bus

After the incident on the pudu raya bus station, I decided to find alternative ways to travel back to Penang. I wanted to find a bus that have TV inside so I will not feel to bored on the 5 hours trip back.

I remember my friend telling me that I can go for Aeroline Bus where there depart from Corus Hotel near KLCC. I quickly book a ticket online from their website. The only time they depart from Corus Hotel to Penang is 3.30pm every day. The price is RM55 +3% online ticket charges. I was too lazy to walk in the counter to buy so I booked them online.

If you book your tickets online, you need to reach Corus Hotel at 30 minute before the departure time to issue a real ticket for you. Remember to print out the booking receipt online where there have a booking pin number.

Corus Hotel is just a few walks from Avenue K. So stopping by at KLCC station will be wise. I always thought that it was the hotel beside Citibank which I am wrong. I stop at Ampang Park and I have to walk quite far to reach the hotel.

After issuing a ticket, there is a waiting area on the hotel restoran nearby the counter. You can order your free tea or coffee while waiting for your bus. They will call us at 3.15pm to check in the bus. And my bus departure at 3.36pm which is quite sharp in time to departure. Pudu raya bus never reach on time. The seat are very comfortable cushion seats which comes with pillows in each seat. Besides that, there have a toilet at the lower level of the bus.

After a few minutes of driving, the bus crew started distrube earphones for those who are interested in watching TV's. There are a small control panel on the volumn and channel on the place where you puck your earphone. Beside listening to TV sound, there are several selection of music chanel to choose. But one thing bad is you cannot select the movie you wanted. But it's better then staring at the bus.

Later the bus crew started to distribute subway chicken sandwiches for us. Then he started to distribute blanket for those who needed. And later ask everyone on coffee and tea. I didn't ask for coffee or tea as I don't drink them after lunch. The air conditional is quite high and it is raining outside. At least the blanket makes me not that cool.

I didn't watch TV too much. As I am too short and there is a tall women sitting infront of me :( I have the sit straight up to watch the TV. I slept several times, but just for a short time. I usually cannot sleep on the bus unless I am too tired.

I reach Queensbay Mall, Penang at 8pm, 4 and a half hour journey. The bus do stops at the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal.

When I was at Penang, I manage to pass by the NICE counter. Price of NICE bus is RM75 per seat with personal TV and RM68 with shared TV. The main problem is it departs from old railway station where I do not know how to reach there by public transport.

I will definately try Aeroline in future.

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