Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scams? Or not

I was back for the weekends. I took a bus from Pudu and as usual, the bus is late again.
While waiting, there is a guy starting to talk with me.
Here is our conversation:
He: Where are going to?
Me: Penang (I was thinking he is going to ask if the bus have arrive)
He: Thats good lo, can go to Penang. (I am thinking? why good o??)
Me: Why? Where are you going to?
He: Kuantan.... emm.... My bag was taken by someone when I go toilet at the McDonalds. Remember do not put your thing untended. My money and handphone is gone.
Me: Then you didn't go and report police ar?
He: I didn't, thank god that I have put my IC seperate from my bag. (He take out his IC from a pouch from his pocket and let me see)
Me: Oic....
He: Can you borrow me some money so I can take bus back to Kuantan? (Now here is your main reason you start to talk to me la....)
Me: Emm.... Why don't you go to report at the police station and ask them to borrow you a telephone so you can phone home?
He: My handphone is gone.... I don't remember those numbers.
Me: Huh~! Even your house number you also no remember? (I can't believe that he don't even remember his house phone. He sounds fishy to me... I won't forget my phone number back at Penang, unless I lose my memory.)
He: No, I can't remember any.
He: Do you have a maybank account? I will banking back to you when I reach Kuantan
Me: No, I don't have. You better go to the police station la...
He: Now I realise KL people so realistic(现实), they don't help. (Now you are asking me to help you, but now you are criticize me ar?I beh song liao~~)
He: Then can you borrow me RM10, so I can find another people to give me RM2 so I can buy bus ticket back. (Bus ticket to Kuantan that cheap mer? Only RM12 ar?? My ticket to Penang already hike up until RM35 already.)
Me: I don't think I can help you. I think you better go police station better.
He: KL people so realistic(现实). You think I go police station they will help me mer? They will give money for me to go back mer? Blah blah blah.... (I didn't really listening to what he say, I'm abit scare by now... )
Me: Emm....
He: Or I sell you my bag
Me: What I want your bag for? I think cannot help you... (Me trying to walk away.)

After I get my bus, thinking back he doesn't look like a bad guy. But it is not the right situation to go and ask people as Pudu Bus station for money. Not that I don't want to help, but these days, those scams case are too many. You can't blame us to be so realistic. I heard of these case before, like those old lady begging for money and ended up its a scam. Nowadays along KL city, there are alot of "fake" monks wondering around KL area, they approch you by giving you a buddha card and ask you to donate money. Some "experience" monk will approch those foreigner (mat salleh) only. That's why don't take anything from anyone. There is no free lunch at here.


♥ GRACE ♥ said...

it's definitely a scam. luckily u are safe :-). How is Penang... I love Penang, it's a beautiful place.

mangosteenskin said...

been in that situation before ciyou. it happened few years ago.

an uncle met me and been telling me that he wanted to borrow me money to go back to his place. he was there to visit his son in the university. he kept begging. he gave me a phone number and promise he will send some money to his son. i can call the number to ask for my money in few days. i gave him 20, not because i trust his acting, but because i was afraid he would attempt something bad because i wasn't accompanied by anyone. he even ask if i have more!

as soon as he dissapeared, i tried to call the number he gave me but no line. after few days i call back, still the same. i regret that i don't take a photo of him using my phone camera.

what do you think?

giannigoh said...

Must be careful, some guys is like that, 酸你 because they want you 上當. Luckily, you walked away. Last time I dont want to give one guy money, after walked away, he still wants to touching me~~~~><~!!
so, I hate KL, sometime....

Cheryl Wong said...

Last time near Puduraya, an old woman asked me for RM1, she says she need the money to cure cancer.. yuan lai curing cancer is so cheap.. Then another time, an uncle asked my friend for money to buy bus ticket because he was robbed wor. Then another time, another uncle said he was hungry, and asked me for money.. Another time, a siao lang punched me in the stomach.. Another time, another siao lang ran towards me and wanted to hug me.. So, I never go Puduraya anymore.. I'd rather go KTM (KL) to board Plusliner/ Nice.. it's less crowded and considerably safer there..

Jys said...

oh ya. pudu seems to have a lot of cases like this..

Stephanie meiyu said...

oh my my my, i hate pudu raya too! I used to take bus back from Malacca last time and i'd experienced the same thing.

This guy approached me when i was walking to LRT and asked for RM10 because he don't have money for the ticket, at 1st i said sorry i don't have that much money and tried to walk faster.

He didn't give up and started to hold my hands,i was scared and gave him RM10 and he walked away.

Now, i take Aeroline back from Penang to PJ, I'll never take bus back from/to pudu unless i have someone picking me up from there.

You have to becareful next time when you're in pudu raya, make sure you have pepper spray or something..

J said...

scam! i have same experience as mangosteenskin.. i gave the guy
rm25, but neva expect to get it back! not that we dont wan to help..but those ppl use our helping heart!! it's hurt!

Ciyou said...

Wao~~ so much people also kena con like this ar? I was feeling bad for him (if it is true) when I was a the bus, but after TS told me it should be a scam and after seeing so much comments on it. Definately its a scam.

Ya I admit that puduraya is so dangerous and I always hate to go there to take buses because the bus sure not ontime to departure.


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