Monday, May 25, 2009

Blythe Gathering #2 at Mid Valley

Last saturday, I attend my second blythe gathering at Delicious, Mid Valley. Thank god that Jaymee told me the gathering was in saturday (I don't know why I keep remember the gathering is at sunday instate), else I will miss the gathering.

Well me as usuall, again last minute sew her dress. Actually I did try to sew her dress before, but wasn't that satisfy on her outfit. Luckly I manage to finish them on time. In this gathering, we agree to dress our dolls in school uniforms and some of us does really dress up on school uniforms.

Here is my doll and her school uniform. Thanks Allen whom get a beautiful shot of her.

I ordered chickhen salad and see how big the portion is. My friend ordered the salmon ones and it looks nice too.

Some decorations on the restoran.

Beautiful dolls from the gathering. Blonde straight hair (my wishlist doll) from Allen.
Another friendly freckles, but this one have more tidy hair.... Her outfit is primary school uniform. So cute

Serene doll of the left and Christy doll on the right. Both outfit are handmade by themselves. Talented ya~!
Miki took her newly customize doll out this time. After customisation, she looks so beautiful and more cute.... doesn't she?

Wedding dress. Black hair blythe seems to have its beautiful part too...

Jaymee dolls - in baju kurung and high school uniform in Malaysia.

Group picture

It is fun to join these gathering~!


Agnes Sim said... nice le...amazing! which one is urs?

Ciyou said...

agnes: i have updated my post, its is the first picture of the post

♥ GRACE ♥ said...

u are so talented! i know it's not easy to make doll dresses, i used to dress up my barbies... and sew her clothes by hand. takes lots of efford i remember ;-)

aileen :: motu said...

wow! so many blythe fans! their outfits are so cute... ^_^ and the decor of the restaurant looks really nice! i love bird cages, esp white ones!

_Vu-JiE_ said...

wow i love those customed blythe. i got friendly freckles too but i'm too scared to custom her. T__T


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