Monday, June 01, 2009

Blythe outing

Sorry of the lack of blogging recently. Was busy at work and not feeling very well.

As promise, I brought her back to TS hometown on the last weekends.
As usual, not every one accept this doll, some of them think why I spend so much on her.
I didn't bring her out of the house. But TS house itself have alot spot of photography.

I try the 2nd generation stand from the Serene and try to investigate how to use them. See more at here (戀戀小布).It is really very hard to make it balance well. She hit the floor several time(ouchhh....sorry, I feel bad for her). Here is one picture I found very cute, her expression and the way she stand looks like she is trying to balancing herself.

That was her school uniform that I made for her during the gathering. On the right handside of the picture was the school uniform that I first made. I couldn't find any tiny round buttons and replace them with tiny love buttons. Anyone know where can I get tiny round buttons, around 4mm-6mm at KL??
I now reliease why people wanted a 2nd doll? Because when I do more then one outfit, I only can dress her in one outfit and snap picture and change another outfit and snap picture. Abit troublesome. I am using this temporary doll stand to display her second outfit.

She is really beautiful with the nature especially with the flowers. This was another outfit that mey housemate made and I have add lace on her sleeve and buttons on the middle of the dress. It is abit big in size for her (my mistake, the template was too big).

She looks so tiny on the background aloe vera plant.


♥ GRACE ♥ said...

hey ciyou, very pretty! :-)
yes there is a scrapbooking shop in the curve... i've seen some tiny colourful buttons there few months back but not sure they still have it now. not much stock also. they are quite expensive RM7.90 i think for 10 pieces.

CudDy said...

Hi!! I'm interested with the 2nd gen stand!! where did you buy it?? ^_^


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