Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crafts Gathering 6/6 Mid Valley

This was my second meet up with Gianni. She call more people for this meetup - which include Agnes, Estee, Gainni, blue grass, Dan dan. Dan dan bring another crafty friend too.

There is my new hair cut.

Due to school holidays + public holiday, Mid Valley was packed with people. I will need to squeeze myself at the KTM. Futher more, I still feel aching on my whole body due to the yoga class that I attend last thursday. (Too long never exercise!!)

We started swap for some small handmade gifts that we prepared. You can see the whole table are full of goodies on our swap items...

Here is the total swap gifts that I get. Is that wonderful?

Miniature living room doll house from Estee
Tea Time miniature from Gianni
Bone seaside drawing from Blue Grass
Braclet from Agnes
Cutie handphone chams from Dan dan.

Today I accidentally browse thru this digital lomo camera Vivitar Vivicam 5050. A better function compare to those keychain camera. Omg... I wish I can try on them, see how beautiful the photos are at flickr group, here, here, and here.


Jys said...

you look like a doll with your new hair cut. hehe.. nice!

Agnes Sim said...

yo....the camera, i wish to buy le. money le. :S anyway, thanks for sharing


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