Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally the bags were out

Finally, I manage to snap pictures on some of the bags that I made a few weeks back.

This is one of the bag I love the most. It looks so elegant taking it around. I used zakka light brown fabric with dark blue handles for this hand carry bag. I have added a bow with a pearl in front of the bag. I decorated this bag with chains wondering around with dragonfly and butterfly following with a hand stamped fabric ink note of "nuts about you" message (from hero arts stamps that I brought) on the bag.

Another on of my favorite. This Beautiful motif of trees around the bag with deers and rabbit wondering around the trees got my attention when purchasing this fabric. I didn't really care how the fabric pattern was cut. And it ended up 2 side are in different portions of the fabric. But it is still something special as 2 sides are different and you can change anyside that you like anytime.

Some eco-shopping bag that I have made. Now everywhere is promoting to get your own shopping bag rather using plastic bags. It's time to save the planet....
This eco tote bag I handpaint with aryclic colors which consist an elephants, a bird & a cloud. The message "happy time" is drawn using a fabric marker. This is my first time drawing in fabrics and it was kinda fun. It reminds me those days when we attend art class at schools.

I have cut and sew a polka dot fabric for the elephants ear. Looks more 3D look.....

This was the first bag I learn how to sew a eco tote bag. When I start sewing, it really makes me a headache, but it become more and more easy when I start sewing more and more.

If you like them, you can purchase them at my shop.


Jys said...

hmm, the first bag is nice!!

Rachael said...

hi! really love what you are making :) it's a real gem that i stumbled upon your blog.
Cool bags you got there. Love those fabric especially. Can hardly find such cute motives fabric in sabah.

aileen :: motu said...

oh i love the first one too!!! it's super pretty! i love the details: ribbon bow and little pearl! very well done!

shinz @ cosycabin said...

woo...these tote are just too lovely! Love the forest & elephant design! it's cool to have them on shoulder!

Agnes Sim said...

wow...i like the 1st one. nice

Anonymous said...

i love the first one too =) color and the little detail..

im planning to buy a sewing machine, do you have any good recommand? budget about RM700..=p


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