Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yoga Class

Finally I force myself to attend yoga class somewhere near my house.

Yesterday was my second class, I attend pure yoga class. Where I learn how to have a better posture and stretch my body. It was not as tiring as the first class I attend last week. Last week I attend a class which is a mixture of aerobic and yoga. After 10 minutes of aerobic, I can start to sweat. That was a class for losing weight as is burn more calories. After the class, I feel myself aching here and there. Maybe it is because it's been a long time I stop exercising.

I start to force myself to consume some supplements too. I believe a healthy body is a mixture of intake balance nutrition and exercise. I don't really believe in those slimming products to eat to have a slim body. I rather go and exercise.

I hope it helps in giving me back a more healthy body.


Catherine said...

yoga is great..keep it up ;)

Susie Sugar said...

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keeyit said...

I used to learn yoga everyday. But now due to the class too full and do not have morning class I stop already.

yoga really good !

aileen :: motu said...

good for you! i should really start thinking about how to keep my health too.... my lifestyle is rather unhealthy... i should follow suit!


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