Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New hair cut ~ new look

I drag and drag and drag.
From Chinese New Year I plan to do something with my hair.
Until now it is middle of the year. I still haven't so something with my hair.
Until last sunday, I accompany TS to do his hair cut at the shops near by my house. He suggested me to go and ask the price on doing my hair. I step in the salon and ask the details. It was 8.30pm at Sunday night. But surprisingly they still accept me. (Hair salon usually closed at 9pm at our area).

The hair stylist was quite a nice guy. As I have no idea what kind of hair that suits me, I ask for them to do the hair that suits me most.

They first need to wash my hair to get my original hair textual to determine which hair style suit me best. My hair type is very thick and hard texture hair. He claim that my hair type is very suitable to do alot of different styling (first time I heard like this, is it true?). I always hate my hair to be so bulky and thick.

He recommend me to do perming with some hair treatment. Cost is RM188 + RM40 (for straighting my fringe). Quite reasonable price I think.

The whole process was very tiring. As you know, doing these hair things takes so much time to sit at the salon. I couldn't move around as they are some machine attached to my hair. The whole process ended at 12.30 midnight. I was the last customer at the shop. So pai-seh that hade make them OT. But I guess they just served every customers that walks in.

TS manage to grab a photo at around 12 midnight at the shop. The hair stylist is still doing my hair...
I quite like my new hair style. Thinking to try more different look when I am young. Sometimes when we get older, some type of hair style we just cannot try. Such as lolita style. I dare not wear them out now on my this age. It really doesn't suits my age now. I only can dress lolita on my dolls now.


uLi.佑莉 said...

show show your new look le :)

Agnes Sim said...

cant wait to see ur new look. :p
I've try few style my hair goin bck to hair is getting longer, and my fringe now is so ugly. hehe

Jys said...

should post one photo where we can see clearly how you look like with your new hair style mar. hehe..

aileen :: motu said...

can't agree more with you... i hate all the waiting and sitting at the salon... i tried to minimize the number of times i need to visit the hairdresser... and you must show us your new look!!!


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