Thursday, August 27, 2009

Louis Vuitton Tivoli Bag

I got mine Louis Vuitton Tivoli Bag~ an it is Authentic!

But it is not 100% mine.

It is actually my mum's bag. She brought 3 Louis Vuitton bags when she visit my brother at UK. I am not sure why she brought 3, we interperate she is buying for us (me and sister), that why she buy 3. I curi one back to KL and my sister curi one back to Singapore. Haha~! Bad daugthers~! But she can't use so many at one time.

Buying Louis Vuitton bags especially at Paris is cheap then Malaysia. You can save hundreds and even thousands ringgit. Plus you have 12% tax rebate if you brought from Paris.

She brought:
monogram carvas Montorgueil PM
monogram carvas Speedy 30
damier canvas Bloomsburg PM

Last weekend, it was my first visit to Louis Vuitton shop at KLCC. I dare not enter those shops at Ground floor at KLCC as mostly they are branded. I manage to ecxchange damier canvas Bloomsburg PM to Tivoli PM.

When I enter the shop, no one seems to entertain me. After a few attempts someone finally talk to me.

The sale person will carefully examine the bag to make sure it is brand new and it is in perfect condition for exchange. The sling bag buckle has a slight streach mark on the leather sling bag and he refuse to do an exchange for me. I quickly phone and mum and let her talk to the sale person. Then the debating came. But after my mum complain, they actually let me exchange.
I was aiming a damier canvas neverfull and my mum ask me to buy another one for her friend. In LV shops, they do not allow customer to buy the same item for 2 piece.

Neverfull PM (small) looks perfect for my height, neverfull MM (medium) looks abit big but still acceptable. Neverfull GM (big) is way too big. After some trying, I still feel monogram carvas looks nicer and younger.
Later TS spot this Tivoli PM and ask me to try on. I was aiming that at the LV website, but its around 6 Euro and I thought it was too expensive. The sales girl told me the Tivoli is RM3850 and my Bloomsburg PM RM3400. Just top up another RM450 to get that bag. The sales girl claim that I get Tivoli rather then Neverfull as too many people is taking Neverfull. A few minutes of thinking, I just brought that. Gosh~~ I don't know why I just spend RM450 for that bag.
I really like the pattern, design of the bag. See somemore details on the bag on the zip.


Jys said...

wahseh!! almost RM 4K for a bag?? I think I will never ever 'she de' to pay so much for a bag. hehe...

阿查拉 said...

呵呵~阿查拉很“suo gu”。

Leen Cintakasih said...

I m just truly admire about LV Tivoli bag. Of course, i can't afford to buy for the original one, what i did was, get from the replica's item from the the price of RM680...AAA's item....ermmm..kinda satisfied...even its not the orginal...


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