Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bag photography session

A friend offer me a photography shots on my bags~ I happily agreed. On a Sunday morning, my friend reach my house when I was still in bed. Drag myself out of the bed and we started our photography session.

We started to take photographs on the bag in my house. But it doesn't turn out to be too nice as my house is too small and pack with things. We ended up taking picture on the corridor outside my unit. It turn out to be beautiful with the morning natural lighting's. I didn't put any make up and wearing specs and I insist my friend to just take picture of my bag but not a my head. So most of these pictures are without head~ Even with just a body the bag looks nicer then just taking picture of the bag itself.
This is my favorite picture among the others.

This was the only picture my friend took indoor which is nice, because my doll was part of the picture :)
Some real picture of the bags~ They are beautiful and identical to the advertisement pictures
Too bad I didn't have any handmade bags for him to take photo.

Some other good shots taken from my friend. I am bad in standing for photography, I always stand like a tree and it makes me not natural. He manage to take some photos when I was doing something and it appears to be more natural.

Here is me standing like a dull tree.....

You can adopt some of these bags at Poupee Collection . Come and have a look~~

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