Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 2009 Doll Gathering #1 ~ Simply dolls

Last Sunday was fun. It was my 3rd time I join a gathering because we love Blythe. We meet at 12 noon at ASENA CAFE, KLCC.

This post is mainly on the dolls I took picture on the gathering. I just realised that my camera was full of doll picture and have so less of people pictures... Will upload fellow people that join the gathering at another post.
This was a beautiful outfit from Jooli ~ the famous Blythe dress maker.

Lolita dress is cute ... I like the right hand side doll of the picture. She looks Innocent.

Jaymee dolls, i love her customise dolls....

Maggie doll~ hair like PAM.Customise from a Japanese seller. Japanese art work are so beautiful

Miki customise doll~~ this time I look her zakka brown dress.

Mia doll with Licca outfit~ kawaii

My doll with her outfit that I drag for months to complete it.

Charlene doll with checkers Lolita outfit.
She was on the similar outfit with me
Can you imagine me wearing Lolita like this?
I will let u imagine more.....

Miki doll ~ so innocent face and I fancy this type of dress.
There is around 32 Blythe and 20 person attend this gathering ~ which is such a big group. Here are more picture of the dolls~~

Finally a group picture on the dolls
[click to enlarge the picture]
I have update another post on the people, friend that I meet during the gathering


aileen :: motu said...

so many pretty dolls!! i esp like the zakka dress... ^_^

Little Ghost said...



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