Friday, July 24, 2009

Exhausted Week~!

I am very tired this week.

I am so busy this week.

On work... rushing to complete a website by end of the month.

I am editing and uploading some products to sell on ArtFire and probably at Esty soon.

My night time was busy replying mails, check payments, pack items to be sent to customer. After all is done,it was at 11pm.

I have no time to do any sewing or any crafts this week.

Online web business is kinda tiring, especially selling bags~~
They are very competitive ~
They are big and I have a hard time to wrap them for postage(They can't fit on normal envelops).
They are heavy to carry to post office.
I need to carry those bags to my office 1 hour journey of walk and train.
I need to walk 10 minutes at 12 noon to the post office ~
I am so hot and sweat after I come back from the post office~
Sometimes I kinda want to give up. Or just concentrating on my crafts....
But I tell myself that doing business is always not easy.

I kinda fell asleep earlier this few days.
Sometimes the moment I reach home... I just felt asleep on my bed...

Got an upset stomach after a lunch meal on Monday, and it keeps bordering me thru the week.
I feel bloat after each meal, which make me no appetite to eat my regular meal.

I when to yoga class for relaxing but coming back with a sore and tired body

Argh~~ I just need a long rest on the weekend.....


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shinz @ cosycabin said...

Take care, ciyou!

aileen :: motu said...

take things easy! make sure you have enough rest!


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