Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Food @ Singapore, 2008

Thanks for my sister acompany at the weekends. We went to some good food recommend by her.
Sausage meal at Takashimaya, Singapore. I remember those days when we are at industrial training, we use to come here to eat Tako octopus balls which are not available at Malaysia that time.
Looks like plain sausage, but it taste good. On the left is my sister's Chicken sausage and on the right is my pork with herbs sausage. Taste way too good compare to 1901 restorans here. The spaghetti have thick sauce and taste good too.

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 is a Taiwan restoran famous for dumpling aka Xiaolongbao (小笼包). We had that at Paragon, Orchard Road. It was a long queue outside the restoran and we need to take numbers to queue for my seats.
We didn't wait long for our seats. Here are the small table me and my sister is sitting at.

Sifu is wrapping those Xiaolongbao.
Both of us are boring and we took each others photos in the restoran.
To my surprise that I thought XiaoLongBao is a those normal Bao we eat, but it is soft and watery inside. It need to be eat with ginger and vinegar.
So far, I think only the XiaoLongBao taste good. The main meal was not that good. The above is my main meal-but it is too saltly and too dry.
When we are wondering at Bugis, my sister suggest us to go and have mushroom soup for our dinner at the Soup Spoon. I was wondering, those campbell soups? Soup really can us full are?
Definately yes with this big portion. It taste super good. Creamy and can taste those small bits of mushroom pieces. The set meal comes with a soup, a drink and a main meal (sandwich, wrappo,or salad). My sister choose a Thai Salad.
I choose a chicken teriyaki wrappo. The wrappo is very delicious. Juicy and fresh.

I couldn't finish the soup. Too filling and abit too much at the end of the meal.

Some tibits that I brought from Singapore. The red pack was a caramel corn snacks I brought from Daiso. I remember seing them at KL before. Melty Kiss for Meiji- SGD3.30 per pack (quite small pack). I highly recommend this one if you like dark chocolate and rum and raisin. It taste so good. And it melts in your mouth. Anyone know where to find Melty Kiss at KL, let me know,ya.
The other one is my sister recommend dark chocolate. It was not that bitter after all.
Macarons! Found them at Tangs (Lower ground food area - near the entrance from the mrt). It was colorful and looking good. Too bad the seller doesn't allow me to take photo, so I just brought one and take a photo on it. I tried rasberry and it taste good. The biscuit is crispy on top.It is SGD $1.50 per small macaron.
We actually found Macarons on Raffles City but it is sell in 1 pack 6 piece for SGD $24. Too expensive to try.
MOSburger - we tired the rice burger with beef (my sister) and unagi(me). It taste abit weird but it is crowded with peoples. The portion was small.

The more I write this post, the more I feel hungry ~~


♥ Karen ♥ said...

Oh ciyou, you make me wanna bite that macaron ^^

aileen :: motu said...

hahahaha same here... your post made me really hungry!


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