Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas @ Bugis, Singapore 2008

Bugis was one of my favorite spot in shopping last time. Now it is my sister favorite shopping place but not mine now. I didn't hunt for any clothers or shoes this time. But rather more on crafts materials and cute stuffs. Bugis Junction
Christmas Cane in Bugis Junction.
Christmas Tree inside Bugis Junction near the foundtain where kids likes to play around at there.

Meeting Yee Hui at Bugis Junction before my sister came and join us later. Yee Hui looks different compare with her look at Penang. She never wears short pants and sleeveless dress in public before. Something I notice that are people in Singapore like to wear less. They like to wear short pant, short skirt and sleevelss dress. Maybe it is too dangerous to wear like this and wondering around at KL city.
Deer merry go round decoration. Looks so cute.
Bugis Street. See the crowd crossing the road. Singapore is still full of peoples coming out shopping at Sunday.

This is quite interesting and funny design of a new shopping mall near Bugis Street.
From far looks like eskimo hub.

Here is detail look of the design.

Crystal white christmas Tree inside bugis junction.

Closer snap shot on the Tree.

Singapore actually import alot of Japanese and Korean style dress. I love those dresses alot. Here is one shop that sell alot of laces scarfs and Japanese styles dresses. There is also another shop selling pure Japanese style dresses in a very high price, almost every dress or T-shirt is SGD $100 and above...
We shop until night. Here is the Christmas Tree at night.


Agnes Sim said...

wow..a very enjoyable trip. ;-) faster post those material u have bought in s'pore. :p

aileen :: motu said...

i must visit this mall next time when i'm in singapore! and happy new year to you! wishing a great year ahead! and looking forward to seeing your lovely crafty works!!

Catherine said...

ahh..spore sure bring back lots of memories :)..did u manage to catch up with mr chong, etc?

Ciyou said...

Agnes: must be patient la...

Aileen: Thanks

Catherine: This time was busy shopping, didn't meet up anyone.
When will you be going again...?

Catherine said...

hmm not anytime soon I think...


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