Friday, January 09, 2009

Stationary that I brought at Singapore

Found these lovely lacely deco tape at Kinokuniya Singapore (Not sure there are available at Kino Malaysia). They are very detail and beautiful.

They look great on transparent box and plastic but it doesn't look that good on cards or paper, not sure why.
Got this lacely rose shape rubber stamp from A"n"BC Stationary at Raffles City. I tried on my card making at it looks great. No regret on buying it for SGD $15. The border stamps (SDG$5) and the arylic paint tube I got for Popular.

So much lacey such. Guess I just addicted somehow and influence more after reading Aileen blog.
Some blog and website that I enjoy today:
1. Fabric Labels Tutorial - Make your own fabric labels~~ cool
2.Paper-cut illustrations that I think there are amazing.
3. Upcycled Gift Wrap - wrap your gift using used paper/newspaper.
Continue cropping my images (for work)~~ 30 more to go....


ivy said...


aileen :: motu said...

i love love love them all!!!!!!

fabric labels said...

That is one unique stationary. I hope I can get my hands on that too when I visit Singapore. I think I have a lot of good uses for that and I can no longer wait. Thank you!


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