Monday, January 12, 2009

Kawaii bento

Happy 牛 Year to all of you. This is simply so cute~~ If my mum does this for me everyday, I will finish my lunch box.

Me and my collegue was discussing, in these morden life, how come they can find so much time to do these stuffs? Unless they are housewifes.

Want to look more on those kawaii bento foods?
1. Lucky Sundae's blog and more pictures on Lucky Sundae's flickr
2. hippoPAPA +mum
3. Tutorial on how to make a santa



Agnes Sim said...

It's so kawaii.. thanks for sharing!! ;-)

Shera said...

hi...I have something for you in my blog :)

aileen :: motu said...

hahaha... yes yes indeed! i have the same thoughts when i first saw these adorable bento in the japanese magazines! who on the earth will have time to prepare them and if i were the kid, i wouldn't want to eat from it! too cute!


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