Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blythe @ Malaysia

I ended up didn't buy my blythe when my friend is at Taiwan. Avbit regreting now after comparing the price at here.

I was shopping yesterday at Berjaya Time Square, KL. I did visit some of these toys shops to have a look on those blythe and the price. There are 3 shops that sell blythe.

1. Xl-shop - 3rd floor. I think is the cheapest among the other shops ranging from RM320++
2. Time Machine - 7th floor. Not much blythe dolls available. Price all is RM480
3. graffiti toys-4th floor. Got more selection on blythe dolls, including those CWC limited dolls. I saw among one model is RM1.5k... Gosh~~

Why are those dolls so expensive? Really 不舍得 to pay around RM500 for a doll.


giannigoh said...

Yaya...why they are so expensive?
I love them too.

mangosteenskin said...

i love the square stamp with flowers in the first picture. nice job with the handmade cards!

aileen :: motu said...

i know.... i can't figure out why they are soooo expensive... even now! i stopped buying them cos i couldn't afford to keep spending on them!!!

Ciyou said...

Giannigoh: because alot people buy, the price hike up lo.

Mangosteenskin: Thanks alot

Aileen: Yeah~~ they are so expensive, after you buy a doll, you will start buying clothes, shoes.... for them... its money~~! unless I can sew clothers for them

c h r i s t y* said...

Hello there! Glad that you love blythe too! Would like to invite you join us at malaysia blythe network. We use to have gathering sometimes! Our next gathring on 15th March @ 1Utama. Hope you could join us and have fun! More info please log in to See you there! -Christy

ahkat said...

Hi. So you mean it is cheaper in Taiwan? You know where they sell it?


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