Monday, January 05, 2009

Daiso @ IMM, Plaza Singapura

My last trip was a rush trip, so this time I have a chance to visit Diaso at IMM, Singapore. I heard my friends say it is very big compare to other outlet. Whats so great at Daiso is everything is SGD $2 per item.

It was 40 minutes train to IMM at Jurong East. Here is a picture I took from the train station. It is quite a large building. But I need to walk around 15 minutes to reach the mall.

This is the bus stop beside the train station. From the train station, you can see the path to walk to IMM mall.

The Jurong East Station itself is already very big and spaceious because it is an interchange.

It is monday and I am still wondering why is there so many people wondering around there. Daiso at IMM is really huge, but abit messy.
-Green rabbit fabric, those water proof type.
-khaki green fabric (I don't know why it looks brown at here)
-4 different types of cotton lace.... (this are my favorite stuff)
- pokka dots blue felts
- animal felt decorations in blue and pink
- fabric pen marker
- fabric button maker
- light weighted clay in pink
- white birdy cage
- pieces of wooden blocks (to stick my handcarve errasers on top)
- shrinking paper
- golden stickers
- small wooden clips.
- heart shape brads
A closer look on the bird cage.... love it.
Most of the item I got from IMM.
Except the shrinking paper, golden stickers and fabric button maker I got them at Plaze Singapura. Some are out of stocks and some I couldn't find them..... Sigh~~
Here is my previous post on my last visit at Daiso at Vivo City.


Agnes Sim said...

how much for the brid cage? i like cotton lace also. ;-)

Joan said...

i bought wooden blocks too.... too bad can not see cotton lace and bird cage

Ciyou said...

Bird Cage is also SGD $2, cheap... but size also very small..

I love the cotton lace so much... you try go KL, The curve and see got or not.

aileen :: motu said...

wow... i like those cotton lace. you bought so much! happy shopping!

mangosteenskin said...

i love those crocheted lace too! Luckily we have daiso in kk.

StyleStuddedFairy said...

Ooooh. What did you do with the bird cage? I have one just like it. Details and all except it's black. :))I'm quite a hoarder for pretty much things that I don't even really need and I just bought it because the cage looks really cute but I have no idea of what to do with it except for hang it somewhere in my room. :P


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