Friday, January 16, 2009

Monkey @ Stairs!

Everyday I need to switch 2 train to go to work. There is one place at Dang Wangi where we need to cross the over head bridge, else if we are caught, we will be fine RM500.

I hate to climb over head bridge. The escalator is forever not working. It is actually quite dangerous to cross the road as there is a blind point that you cannot see the cars that are coming by.

Last few days, when I wanted to climb up the bridge, the lady infront me stop and was looking at the stairs. I saw something on the stairs, just a glance, my first impression, should be a dog. And I was thinking, "just a dog only, why she looks shock". I went forward to have clearer look. Oh my god~! Monkey~! Why is there a monkey on the stairs?

Both of us look at each other speachless for a few seconds. We mumble to each other why there is monkey at there?And we decided just to cross the road.

Another lady on our back was having the same expression too. Walk until reach down the stairs. Have a few steps to see clearer and was shock, and just cross the road. I think the rest of the people also have the same expression too.

Actually there is an escalator beside the stairs, but who dare to climb the escalator oh~~ not scare the monkey jump to the escalator are?

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