Thursday, December 25, 2008

Art For Grab Christmas 2008

Art For Grab Christmas 2008 is the first event that I join. It is kinda a good experience and I have a lovely partner Cindy which help's alot.

Reach Annexe Center quite late, but manage to set up everything fast. Here are most of my clay food stuffs - necklance, keychain, handphone charms.

Cindy's custom made mugs and handmade christmas cards

My pixel necklance, flower hair tie and clay necklance

Badges, magnets. The blue tree is the christmas soft tree that I sew at friday night for decorations.

Our wall... Full with talented Cindy's drawing. I love the butterfly's and the family picture. Saya sukalah is our neighbour beside that sell earings, retro necklance and tote bags. Another neighbour with is selling hand print T-shirts for charity. Cool~~

Here are some nice picture took by Edmund in our stall.

Yeah~~ all our things are 100% handmade~~!

Other great stalls that I went wondering around.

Agnes handmade baskets. There are really cool because they are made from old magazine and newspaper. I brought one small basket from her.

Nice to meet Joan at here. She does beautiful necklance, earrings and bracelets.

[pictures from Joan Beads House]

Joan was so kind enough to teach us some of her beading skills on the spot. Thanks Joan. Here is a picture of Agnes and Joan infront of their booth.

[pictures from Joan Beads House]

Evan and Irene Stalls.

A leng lui (pretty girl) with their handmade T-shirts from a college graduation exhibition.

Some unique pieces from Zoolzoo.

I love this russian doll but it is abit costly for me.

Bead making, DIY charm bracelets from chatterbeads. She sell 3D snowflakes which i think its cool.

This stall sells old keyboards pieces. Rings, necklance, badges......

Some special necklance.

More cute stuffs

I love the painting and illustration from this lady. Too bad she only sell her painting. If it is on a T-shirt will be so cool~~

This stall selling T-shirt. The seller even post for me to take pictures.

Hugo Garden have some nice, small interesting stuffs to grab. I got one of their badges.

Handmade bags and plush from mer? and Jun Mei.

Cupcakes candles for sale here.

They sell those childhood titbits that we eat when we was a child.

HAndmade magazine baskets for charity.

Colorful drawing on small pieces.

Handmade cards on a fountain display. Looks cool.

Here are some goodies I brought from the event. Hugo Garden's rabbit badge. Musedarling's creations wooden toys. Mahani Moleque postcard drawings. I love this kind of drawing alot, sweet, simple and nice.


♥ Karen ♥ said...

ciyou, awesome handmade!
wish you have successful sales!

aileen :: motu said...

wow! i wish we could have sth similar over here! i am sure i would enjoy the event very very much. so nice to be surrounded by so many talented ppl.

Creative B Bee said...

Wow! How wonderful the fair there!!!


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