Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New office

Moved to this brand new office at Somerset, Jalan Raja Chulan. It's an service apartment, but downstairs there are 4 floors of office lots.
Here is the view on the new office. I'm wondering why there is no leafs on the tree? Malaysia doesn't have autumn but this tree looks like those autumn trees where all the leafs where gone.
Still a total mess on the office. The office is a duplex unit. It consist 2 levels in one unit. We are taking the upper space and the ground is another office. The stairs are in circular motion to the top level. Looks cool. But need to be extreemly careful when we are wearing skirts.
The office theme is in black or white. Most of the furniture are in black. I find this lamp is so beautiful. Plain, simple and vintage. And the owner install for us free of charge.
But it is painful to go to work as I need to switch trains and walk more to reach this new office.

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