Saturday, December 06, 2008

First Card Swap from Yahoo Groups

This is my first card swap that I join at Yahoo groups - Paper crafts for Malaysia and Singapore Chinese. The coordinator Ying, sent us the supplies and we need to made a card from all her supplies. We can add other items, but limited to 3 only.

I made this long time ago. Just that I didn't post it up until my partner received it. Here is what I made. I enjoy coloring the girl and she looks more and more pretty the more I look at here. Background I use embossing clear on "love" stamps. And the pink gems I added to made some spark. I love the pattern paper so much. Both sides are very beautiful and I love the color theme.

Here is what I received from my partner - Payyeek. Same supplies we get, but yet every one have different style and ways to decorate the card.


Orjana said...

I love your card and hand carved stamps! This is the first time I have ever seen anyone carve stamps, it's so cool! You should post a tutorial on how you do it!
x x x Orjana

my.firstSkizze said... a very lovely card. i used to luv making handmade cards...but somehow now i think my passion have cooled down. u make me feel like doing handmade card after seeing urs.. very nice :P

Ciyou said...

orjana: I learn them from chinese and japanese books. Will have some tutorial in the future.

my.firstSkizze: come join us at yahoo groups, its for singapore and malaysia card making


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