Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dolly cabinets

Been ill for the past 2 days. Was totally in bed at a sunny sunday and monday. Just no enegry to do any crafts after a bad food poisioning. Feeling dizzy and headache all the time. But getting better now. No worries~~

Just to share with you this lovely Dolly cabinets that I think it looks cool. It's in our new office. Looks like it is attach to the wall. I was shock at the first time where I see them assemble this cabinets. They brought it from Ikea KL. But I never saw this before at Ikea. All the furniture in this new office is either black or white.


Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

i like the flora nice!

aileen :: motu said...

oh no... hope you are feeling well now! take care of yourself!

the dolly cabinets are sooooo lovely!!!! i love them!!!!! how come we don't have them in HK's ikea?! i would go crazy if i see them!

you are so lucky to be working in such a pretty office!

Agnes Sim said... so cool. I like it so much! izzit special order one?

Ciyou said...

aileen: It's a new product at Ikea Malaysia. I didn't see them at my last visit.

Agnes: no special order, just buy from Ikea


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