Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Clay madness - macarons necklance, biscuit, cakes earings

Food Clay again this time. I did quite alot on clay. I made them mostly into necklance, earrings and handphone charms.

This time, larger macarons compare to the last ones - mini macarons. I have added geams on top of each macarons and at the middle it is fill with whipped creams. I assemble them some in gold and some in sliver. Which color do you prefer?

Among all of my handmade this time, the most satisfying art work is this - pink heart shape necklance. It is whipped with cream. Added flowers,strawberry and ice-cream in pink and light red which the colors match perfectly well on each other. At the right is a necklance with chocolate base and whipped cream. Added also biscuts, macarons, strawberry and flower just to decorate.

More detail shots on the whipped cream maracons and the rest of the necklance.

This are in smaller size, so I decided to made them as handphone accessories and key chain. On the left two is cookies in whipped cream. Follow by gingerbread man and blue ice-cream. Added a charm in each clay.
More earringss. This time I tried some slice cakes and it looks great too. This is strawberry favour with a choco chip on top of each slice of cake.

Newly made full size chirstmas cake. My friend say she like a full size cake without slicing part of the cake. What do u think?

They are all available for sale and made for the Art for grabs event. Anyone like them?


giannigoh said...

i love your clay, girl.
all very nice...

mangosteenskin said...

bravo ciyou! all of them are beautiful! i like the silver neclace.

ivy said...


onebowl said...

very pretty! i like the gingerbread boi :D

Ally said...

i love your necklaces <3

Anonymous said...

The pink heart shape necklace is awesome!

aileen :: motu said...

i know i keep saying this... but i wish i could make such pretty clay zakka as you!

Le Lunar said...

Hi do you sell your items? i am interested to buy them, please contact me at thanks have a nice day.


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