Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tree, flower, cup on books stamps

More stamps that I have carve last sunday.

TS say that he know how to carve. He say he carve during school days and say to me why need to buy book and learn where can just ask him for help.
TS说他会刻。 他中学时都有刻, 为什么没向他请教,而买书学呢?

The most right hand side tree is his carving, not very perfect but can say not bad too.

As of miscommunication, the carve the other way round and on the most left hand side is what I wanted him to carve. So I carve myself.
因为沟通上的问题,刻的方向不是我要的,最左手边的树是我要叫他刻的效果。 由于就自己刻了起来。

That tree as my second attempt, the first attempt was not that pleasant, alots of small parts break. The more you carve, the more skill and experience you will gain.
第一个尝试的树不真么理想,这棵树是第二个尝试的树,因为小小的部分都被我刻断了。 刻得越多,您将获取更多技巧和体验。

Small alphabet to add in to my collection, still a long way to complete 26 characters.
增加的小字母的印章,仍然有慢长的路要完成26个 字母。

Added new stamp pads - versa fine to print detail stamping
增加的新的印台-versa fine来印细节


giannigoh said...




giannigoh said...

i like the white color ink pak.

Ciyou said...

giannigoh: that book u have is the same author my 1st carving book, when I buy that 1st book, I was thinking to buy mine or yours one.

Its a good book with tons of ides


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