Monday, August 04, 2008

Ipod case & hand heat protector

Planned to sew a Ipod casing, but ended up the casing was too small.

Instate I got a pink ipod casing for RM15 in the recent PC fair. Ipod accesories are not cheap, but mine was the 2nd generation nano ipod, so most of them are clearing stock.

Not feeling well on sunday, have sleep for the afternoon. At evening, nothing much to do and start some sewing projects. I only manage to sew this - hand size heat protector to use to take hot pots and plate's for cooking. I have added green pokka dots linning inside the heat protector

The funny part was when TS want to wear this heat protecter, he need to squeeze his hand into it, which means is too small size for him. Haha~~ he laugh and said: you use your hand and measure are? Then what about me? ... "Eh, I use the template from the book ler....", I said.


ivy said...



Ciyou said...

Ivy: ciyou是马来西亚华人,还是会看和读中文。

我都好喜欢看你们台湾人的手作,都常常买台湾出版的手工书,好多款式,材料又多,要什么, 有什么,好羡慕喔。


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